Taking the leap

My last post was about dealing with fear, and especially my fear of putting myself out there and letting everyone know about my blog.

Since that happened, nothing but good things have come my way. I have had amazing support from my nearest and dearest, as well as new people that have come into my life because I took the chance. Good things do happen, if you're true to you and your cause. Because I put myself out there and was authentic, brilliant things started happening, which makes me smile and get all fuzzy!

I took a chance and put faith in myself for the first time in a long time. A few years ago my values and beliefs took a beating, and I forgot who I was. I was this person that I didn't recognise.  Over the past few years I have slowly been getting back to an authentic version of me. I had people in my life who believed in me and loved me, which then enabled me to believe and love myself. I'm terribly grateful to those people, and I know I'm lucky. They could have easily turned their backs and given up on me, but they didn't. Yay!

So here I am writing my deepest thoughts and feelings. I have honestly never felt more alive.

And I have some bloody exciting news. I have signed up do to a coaching course. It's online so I will do study while working, which will be challenging but I truly feel like this is my path.

And since signing up and taking the leap I have had nothing but good things back. I have already met some amazing people who are also doing the course, and everyone that knows I'm studying have had fantastic things to say.  I have met people won similar paths, and been introduced to a community of amazing women who have nothing but gorgeous things to say and who truly understand it all.

I'm sensing a pattern. That when things seem like a risk, or you're afraid of something, if you are being true to yourself then the universe will realise and give good things. It's true, what the gorgeous women at the workshop I went to said:

Authenticity breeds abundance.

And they are right.

So since signing up to do the course, I decided to reassess my goals, do a new vision board and keep finding the person I am inside.

Oh I love vision boards. I have one for my fitness and other life goals, and I decided to do one specifically for my coaching goals and striving to reach a state of undying self love.

Any freakin excuse to go stationary shopping, pin stuff and find inspirational quotes! Its so fun, and really gets your dreams out there to start happening.  It makes the universe aware of what you want in life.

I was given some gorgeous inspirational stickers from Kikki K that I was hanging to use! Finally!

And the finished product. You might see that on the right is some spare space, and this is for me to add post it notes when I think of something inspirational, or a great blog post or anything really that pops into my head!!

(You may also notice a flamingo. I love these birds. Anything that can be naturally that pink is a winner to me! They remind me of just how amazing our world can be.)

So the vision board is complete, for now. As always it's about keeping your focus, getting inspiration and putting out what you want into the universe.

Let's see if I wake up to a flamingo in my front yard tomorrow!

Be Spectacular!





Facing our fears is hard. I know because I have done some pretty big things over the last couple of days that I was really scared about doing. They may not seem big to you, but that's the beauty of fears. They are completely bloody stupid. I know this logically, but it doesn't make them feel any less real to me.

I decided to merge my personal Instagram account with the one linked to this blog, because both accounts are me. This blog isn't a subset of who I am, it's completely who I am. So they are now the one and I have nothing to hide.

I also started a Facebook page for A Spectacular Life. I then invited some friends to like it.

There's my fear. Having people I know read my blog. Ridiculous much?

The thing that is completely ironic is that the people I know - KNOW ME. They already know me, so what they read isn't going to really be that much of a surprise. So what's the big deal?

I think that it's because I am afraid of feedback, of hearing what people think. That in itself is just as crazy, because I have had nothing but positive vibes sent my way from those that have read it.  It's great, and I am just being a nutter. But I can't help it.

So after my Soulpreneurs night, I decided to face my fear. Like the amazing women said, fear just shows your growing. It just shows that you're breaking through to the next level. So I went for it.

Do you know what happened babe?


In fact, that's a lie - I have received more love for my words and my space than I thought possible. And for those that have responded to me and supported me so far, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It's just the beginning my friends. Stay for the journey!!

Keep smiling



Soulpreneurs and My Awakening!!! (Part Two)

I'm still riding the high from my night in Melbourne at the Soulpreneurs event.

After a brilliant catch up with my closest girlfriends, and sharing my life-changing experience (over a couple of wines), I am more excited. Knowing that no matter what I do they will have my back and support me is a massive thing. And so comforting. Although I really already knew it, it's still great to be reminded.

Back to the Soulpreneurs event.

The day before the event attendees were sent an email with some questions so that they made sure you got out of the night what you needed. We had the option to include some questions. I was stumped. I wanted my questions to be good, and appropriate, but also original.

So what did I ask? Three questions.
1. What did you want to be when you were a child?
2. What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out? (ie. me)
3. What song is guaranteed to get you up on the dance floor?

I know. It was an event for women entrepreneurs. And I ask a dancing question? But I thought, why not? It's a good question, and as I have posted before, music is huge to me. Before I could really think about it, I sent the questions off.

On the night, after the ladies had done their initial talks, they answered some of the questions that had been sent in. There were about 70 brilliant ladies in the room (and a couple of guys - good on you!) so  I thought - as if my questions would get answered.

But they did. All three. Wow. As if I needed another sign from the universe that I was meant to be there.
The realization that I was sitting at the exact place I was meant to be in my life overwhelmed me so much that I started crying. Not sobbing, but there were tears. Light bulb moment.

Susana then took us through a guided meditation and journal writing exercise. I have tried so much to meditate previously, and pretty much sucked. This time though, not a problem. And I LOVED it. It's going to become a daily ritual now for me.

All in all, I got so much out of the event. I know now who I am and what my little part is in this big wide world. I need to take some steps to get there, but I know what I have to do to make it happen. It won't be tomorrow, or even in the next 6 months. I will get there, cause have people who believe in me, I believe in myself and I believe that's what is meant to be mine cannot be taken away from me.

Keep smiling!


Soulpreneurs and My Awakening!!! (Part One)

The title deserved the three exclamation marks I gave it .By golly it did! Oh dear reader - I have had my light bulb moment. It happened last night....and it was amazing. It was so huge babe that I need to split it into two parts. Whoa.

Last night I attended a seminar called Soulpreneurs hosted by the amazing Earth Events. I was drawn to it because the gorgeous Rachel McDonald was speaking and I adore her blog. Her words, everything she stands for. She's amazing. So I decided to go.

So it's about a one hour drive from Geelong to Melbourne, but that did not bother me at all. After recently becoming interested in blogging and connecting with people the timing of this event was so much more than a coincidence. I truly felt like there was something bigger making this all happen at this point in time. So I bought my ticket. I was going on my lonesome and I was scared but so excited at the same time.

When I arrived I saw some gorgeous women, and started to get nervous. No idea why - just my usual self doubt creeping in. Maybe because I was so new to all this they might think I was silly. Which is completely ridiculous.

When I entered the room I sat second row from the front and got settled. But something shifted and before I knew it, I moved to the front row - which I NEVER do! Oh boy - was I out of my comfort zone. I stayed seated there and started talking to some people around me, who were unbelievably lovely. So I relaxed.

Before the ladies came out to talk, there was a raffle for a few prizes. We had all been given tickets as we entered and my ticket was E24. Now my lucky number is 23, so I immediately thought when I saw the number that I had missed out by one.  There were five prizes. E 23 was the second one drawn, and I was shattered. That was my number, and I'd missed by one. As a little background here, I never win anything like raffles, tattslotto or at the TAB. So I thought that I missed out, and then the fourth one drawn was my ticket!

All I could think about was that it was another sign that I was in the right place at the right moment. That feeling when you get it is so overwhelming, it knocks you for six. It's very humbling too.

Now not everyone will agree with me about all this, and that is more than ok, it's just how I feel.

The presenters were Rachel, Susana Frioni, Julie Parker and Denise Duffield-Thomas. I swear, no word of a lie, I have never met, seen or listened to such amazing women. The whole time I was just in awe of them all, who they are, what they represent and believe in and the beautiful way that they connect with you and make you feel so important even if they haven't met you before.

They spoke about their journeys, stories and advice to women running businesses. Now, I don't have a business yet, it's a goal in the future, but I still learnt so much. I am so grateful that they spoke, and that I got to see them. I even got to meet Rachel afterwards, and would have loved to meet the rest of the ladies but I wasn't the only one and I needed to get Miss E home so I left. I have no doubt in my mind that I will get to meet them all again because after last night I know I am on the right path in my life, finally! And they are on a similar one and our paths will cross again. And not only them, but so many other beautiful souls in the room that are on the same journey.  I went to go and see Rachel and I ended up getting so much from the other ladies too. They are true gems.

So, what did I get out of it?
That my friend I cannot tell you in a simple sentence. I don't even think there are words to do where I am right now and how I feel.  I will try and elaborate in another post, because I have so much to say and I think I should spread it out!

But you will notice that I am now going to be me. Authentic. I am flawed, I am not perfect. Oh I've made more mistakes than I care to remember. I'm only human. I like chocolate so much, and sneak it sometimes so no one knows. I try to be all artsy on Instagram, but nine times out of ten it's the filter that's done all the work. I procrastinate, and am a multi-passionate person that rarely finishes anything. Like learning the guitar, skateboard, to surf, to knit and to sketch. I talk a lot, have too many clothes and am shocking with money. Oh and I don't call people as much as I should.

But I am me. And after last night's awakening, I now know that no one can do me better than I can. There is no other me in this world, just like there is no other you. How amazing is that!

Keep smiling!



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First Mothers Day

I had the most magical day, it was my first Mother's Day. My partner and I enjoyed it together and it was so so lovely. Brunch with my mum and sister and then the whole afternoon together as a little family unit.....bliss.

Today I completely understand the love my mother has for my brother, sister and myself, and why she has never given up on any of us. I always knew it, but now I really understand it.

Because I am now a mother, and I get it.

And if I end up half as good a mother to my daughter as mine is to me, I will be kicking goals big time in the parenting arena. My mum has come through some really dark storms and shown nothing but strength and bravery. She is the strongest person I know and my absolute idol. She is the person I admire most in this world.

I really could go on all day but I won't bore you. I think you get the picture already.

I hope all you mothers out there enjoyed your special day - you truly deserve it.

Keep smiling

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