Kicking Goals

So it's been a massive week around here.

I sent out my first newsletter and got amazing responses for it. It was overwhelming, because part of me was like, what do I have to write, but I did and I am so glad.

It was a massive ticking of the box for me - because when I started this blog one of the things that I wanted to achieve was to send out a newsletter to followers on a regular basis. And it's happening. And people have signed up and read it. And they liked it. Yay.

If you haven't signed up yet - get to it! The link is on the right - and you'll get some love straight from me to you! Well via your inbox technically, but you're catching what I'm throwing.

I have reached 158 followers on Facebook too - which is huge-mungus. So stoked, it makes you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside that people get what you are saying and feel the same. It's a ripper feeling. Thanks to you!

Coming in the future::

A BIG goal of mine is to write an ebook. At the moment it is all in draft stages, but it's in the pipeline.  So exciting for me, I cannot wait till that all happens, but I want to make sure that I am totally happy with it all before I publish so it might still be a bit of a way off....stay tuned gorgeous ones!

Also I have a goal to do a video post. I'm massively scared to do so, I tend to ramble and I sound like an 8 year old - but it's something that I think would be fantastic to connect more with you! I have NO idea how to edit a video so it might be interesting but that's the fun of it. I am not sure of what I will talk about yet, and as much as I am dreading it, I am looking forward to it too. Another box to tick!
(I have done a couple of practice run throughs talking about general stuff. And, if I'm frank, I think I need just a little more practice.)

So as you can see - boxes are being ticked, goals are set and processes are in place to make it happen.

How about you good-lookin?  Have you put down your goals and started working towards them?
DO IT! And let me know if you're comfortable to do so - I really wanna hear about it.

Keep smiling!

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At August 30, 2013 at 7:49 AM , Blogger thepolkadotflamingo said...

Good for you Nic! It sounds like you are kicking goals left, right and centre! I just signed up to your newsletter list so I'm looking forward to getting some love to my inbox. I too am wanting to write an e-book (go us!). Haha, the thought of a video post scares me though. Perhaps yours will inpsire me to get to it! :) X

At August 30, 2013 at 11:47 AM , Blogger Nic said...

Ah Che! Thank you doll. Let me know how your ebook is going, we can help each other along the way! Video posted now...eeek! Your video would be fantastic. Do it! xx


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