Be your own Body Loving Bestie

You probably read the title and thought - another self love post.  I already love myself, and I am my own bestie.  Yada yada.  Well I bet that even though you said that, you don't believe it. Deep deep down, you still doubt yourself and feel that if you show a little bit of confidence that you're being cocky, or 'up yourself'.  That it's easier to identify the negatives rather than the positives, especially when it comes to what we look like. Body image is such a massive issue, and I thought I would share my thoughts, experience and how to bust negativity in the butt. 

It's freakin ridiculous that we, as women, are afraid to love ourselves and our bodies. All shapes and forms.  To say 'Thank you' after someone pays us a compliment rather than disagreeing with the person. 

To find our good points, and actually believe ourselves when we say:
  • I have nice eyes
  • I really love my smile
  • I have ripping curves 
  • My legs/butt/wrists are sexy
  • Gosh my legs are bloody strong 
  • My stomach isn't flat, but it held my gorgeous baby and that's awesome

It's bizarre how common this is with women, and how we all do it. It's habit and since having a daughter it's something that I have become so aware of. I don't do it nearly as much as I used to, but it's a work in progress every day. Finding my positives and focusing on them. Instead of the negative things. It's worthless and a waste of time.  

I recently got my hair cut into what one might describe as an 'edgy' style. Think of P!nk's hair, but not blonde. It's a bit out there, and after I had it done I was stressing that it looked crap. I was going to go back to the hairdresser and get it fixed. (Which, on a side note, was ludicrous considering that most of it was shaved so the only way she COULD fix it was to shave the whole bloody thing!) Anywho, moving on, I ended up thinking to myself - Nic, it's hair. It grows super fast, and it actually looks good and suits you. I needed a change, and now I love it. But my first thought was doubt, and what other people thought. That's what we all need to rewire in our brains. Look for the positive FIRST, instead of second. 

Despite what I thought when I was growing up, I won't ever have a body like Elle McPherson, skin like J-Lo, lips like Angelina, hair like Jennifer Aniston. I know that now, and that's ok. Comparing ourselves to others is something that really makes it hard to be our own body loving bestie. You are you, no one else can do you better.  And who YOU are is brilliant. YOU rock. YOU are beautiful and amazing and spectacular and fabulous and a BABE!! 

So want to know some ways to becoming your own bestie? Sure!

  • Find your good points. Stare at yourself in the mirror. For every negative thing you identify, match it with a positive. Challenge yourself.
  • Exercise. It doesn't have to be something where you sweat like a pig either, just as long as your body is moving.  Exercise increases endorphins, which will make you feel better and you will shine. You will be more positive, it will be easier to be happy with yourself, and you can be amazed at how strong your body is to go for that walk/pump those weights/do that dance class/push that vacuum!  
  • Eat healthy. It's a known fact that having a healthy diet has an amazing effect on how you feel within yourself. Think about it. Have you ever eaten fish and chips and just felt crappy after? Blergh. Instead, go for the healthy options and you will definitely notice the difference.  You will feel better knowing that you are giving your body the right fuel to get the best out it. 
  • Leave yourself little notes pointing out things about you that rock! On the bathroom mirror, in the wardrobe, in your car. Little reminders of how amazing you are, just in case you go bat shit crazy and forget. 
Now, this isn't easy for all of us. Me included. It's a habit that many of us have had for a long time and it will take time to change. But we can all do it together and help each other out. Because we shouldn't be hard on ourselves, we deserve to give ourselves nothing but love. 

On a final note, I just want to also say that even though I have written this about being your own body loving bestie, of course there is more to us than what we look like. I also know that so many of us have problems with body image, and it's an issue that we need to work on! You rock inside and out. I have no doubt of that. 

What do you think? 
Do you find the negatives in your body easy? 
How are you going to find the positives and become your own body loving bestie?
Or, if you are already, what other tips do you have for others?



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