Taking the leap

My last post was about dealing with fear, and especially my fear of putting myself out there and letting everyone know about my blog.

Since that happened, nothing but good things have come my way. I have had amazing support from my nearest and dearest, as well as new people that have come into my life because I took the chance. Good things do happen, if you're true to you and your cause. Because I put myself out there and was authentic, brilliant things started happening, which makes me smile and get all fuzzy!

I took a chance and put faith in myself for the first time in a long time. A few years ago my values and beliefs took a beating, and I forgot who I was. I was this person that I didn't recognise.  Over the past few years I have slowly been getting back to an authentic version of me. I had people in my life who believed in me and loved me, which then enabled me to believe and love myself. I'm terribly grateful to those people, and I know I'm lucky. They could have easily turned their backs and given up on me, but they didn't. Yay!

So here I am writing my deepest thoughts and feelings. I have honestly never felt more alive.

And I have some bloody exciting news. I have signed up do to a coaching course. It's online so I will do study while working, which will be challenging but I truly feel like this is my path.

And since signing up and taking the leap I have had nothing but good things back. I have already met some amazing people who are also doing the course, and everyone that knows I'm studying have had fantastic things to say.  I have met people won similar paths, and been introduced to a community of amazing women who have nothing but gorgeous things to say and who truly understand it all.

I'm sensing a pattern. That when things seem like a risk, or you're afraid of something, if you are being true to yourself then the universe will realise and give good things. It's true, what the gorgeous women at the workshop I went to said:

Authenticity breeds abundance.

And they are right.

So since signing up to do the course, I decided to reassess my goals, do a new vision board and keep finding the person I am inside.

Oh I love vision boards. I have one for my fitness and other life goals, and I decided to do one specifically for my coaching goals and striving to reach a state of undying self love.

Any freakin excuse to go stationary shopping, pin stuff and find inspirational quotes! Its so fun, and really gets your dreams out there to start happening.  It makes the universe aware of what you want in life.

I was given some gorgeous inspirational stickers from Kikki K that I was hanging to use! Finally!

And the finished product. You might see that on the right is some spare space, and this is for me to add post it notes when I think of something inspirational, or a great blog post or anything really that pops into my head!!

(You may also notice a flamingo. I love these birds. Anything that can be naturally that pink is a winner to me! They remind me of just how amazing our world can be.)

So the vision board is complete, for now. As always it's about keeping your focus, getting inspiration and putting out what you want into the universe.

Let's see if I wake up to a flamingo in my front yard tomorrow!

Be Spectacular!



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