Facing our fears is hard. I know because I have done some pretty big things over the last couple of days that I was really scared about doing. They may not seem big to you, but that's the beauty of fears. They are completely bloody stupid. I know this logically, but it doesn't make them feel any less real to me.

I decided to merge my personal Instagram account with the one linked to this blog, because both accounts are me. This blog isn't a subset of who I am, it's completely who I am. So they are now the one and I have nothing to hide.

I also started a Facebook page for A Spectacular Life. I then invited some friends to like it.

There's my fear. Having people I know read my blog. Ridiculous much?

The thing that is completely ironic is that the people I know - KNOW ME. They already know me, so what they read isn't going to really be that much of a surprise. So what's the big deal?

I think that it's because I am afraid of feedback, of hearing what people think. That in itself is just as crazy, because I have had nothing but positive vibes sent my way from those that have read it.  It's great, and I am just being a nutter. But I can't help it.

So after my Soulpreneurs night, I decided to face my fear. Like the amazing women said, fear just shows your growing. It just shows that you're breaking through to the next level. So I went for it.

Do you know what happened babe?


In fact, that's a lie - I have received more love for my words and my space than I thought possible. And for those that have responded to me and supported me so far, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It's just the beginning my friends. Stay for the journey!!

Keep smiling



At May 21, 2013 at 8:10 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Good on you Nic... Well done. Your friends will always be your biggest supporters! Give yourself a pat on the back for taking a step in the right direction xox

At May 21, 2013 at 8:39 PM , Blogger Nic said...

Aw thanks Kate. I know, I am very lucky to have such brilliant family and friends.
High five to me!


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