Spectacular Soul - Breanna of 'The Blak Line'

So begins a new little series that will (hopefully!) appear on here regularly - Spectacular Soul.
The aim is to introduce to you to a soul who is doing something amazing, rare, inspirational or is all round Spectacular!

Today's Spectacular Soul is my gorgeous friend Breanna.  I have known Bree for many years, living in Geelong and last year she decided to up and leave us for Bali. Jealous much? Also she decided to create her own business over there called The Blak Line, while working in interior design. The Blak Line is a jewellery and accessories business. Bree sources all the materials locally, using authentic beads, leather, silk and more. She has only just started and already the line is popular and growing by the day.  Inspirational hey? She has an eye for detail and trends and her stuff is super spunky! I am proud of everything she has done (especially cause she is a young-un) and to call her my friend.

I decided that Bree was the perfect person for my first Spectacular Soul interview, so she kindly obliged even though she is super dooper shy. What a legend.

Can you explain what The Blak Line is and how it came about?

I had always dreamed of living abroad. On my travels I had the opportunity to create the concept and design various retail spaces in world-renowned locations. The Blak Line products include a range of handmade leather accessories fit for every girl's wardrobe. I draw inspiration from my lifestyle in exotic places.

What made you want to start your own jewellery and accessories business?

It's something I have always been passionate about and dreamt of doing. I guess living in Indonesia was a great starting point for The Blak Line.

Why Bali?

To call paradise home is a once in a lifetime opportunity and to escape those cold winter days that we have to deal with back in Victoria is something that I don't really miss at all!!

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Bree

A day in my shoes....well normally it's just thongs...there is no such thing as time here. When the sun beams in through my window in the morning it means time to wake up, no alarms for me. Normally I would go for a run along the beach with my dog and enjoy the sea breeze before it gets too warm.  Life here isn't busy at all, if it isn't done today then there is always tomorrow. So most of my mornings I will either go off explore the streets on the way tp Denpasar to see what treasures and inspiration I can find. Getting lost is always the best part of the day!

The afternoons consist of me having to go into work for a couple of hours which is never a problem because everyone is always so happy. Everyday the staff are smiling which puts me in a good mood. It is very true that 'a smile is the perfect medicine for life'
The evenings are normally spent at the beach after work either surfing or just enjoying the final moments of sun before the day comes to an end.

What is your favourite piece in your collection?

Millie wallet - perfect size to go in your bag, but still cute to be used on its own!

What is next for The Blak Line?

There is a new style bag to add to the collection called the Agus bag. It is a great shoulder bag for everyday use. I use mine at the moment and can't put it down. It's perfect for everything - it  even fits your laptop without getting too heavy. Also the inside lining is to die for - amazing batik prints. Look out for them because Christmas isn't too far away.......

Where do you see yourself and The Blak Line in 5 years?

5 years...oh I get nervous even thinking about it! I hope to have a website up and running successfully and have my products stocked in selected boutiques. In five years time I hope to have had children, so this would be the perfect business to run while I raise them.

What's been the biggest challenge or hurdle that you have overcome so far?

The language barrier would have to be the main challenge. My leather and tailor supplier speak 10 words together in English, and at the beginning my Indonesian was not good at all. It was interesting! When I first began I would place my orders and be crossing my fingers and toes, because I would be unsure what they understood and what they didn't. After trial and a few errors we have managed to get that sorted so it's all good now!!

Why do you have A Spectacular Life?

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Dr Seuss.
Life is too short! You never know when your life could turn upside down. Everything happens for a reason and while you may not realise it at the time, in the future it will all make sense.
I was a young girl who had a dream. Now my dream is my reality. What more could I wish for?

You can find and order products from The Blak Line on their Facebook page.
Check them out!

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