Hello beautiful!

Today's post is about being GRATEFUL for what we have right at this point in time. Leave the negatives, grab the positives and run! Focusing on what we have rather than what we don't.

We are all so lucky and we need to remember once in awhile.

I sometimes forget to do this. Guilty as charged. I get so caught up in wanting more, doing more and being more that I take for granted what I already have.

So join me in relishing what we already have NOW.  To do this I decided to start a grateful list, which I am going to print out and keep it where I can see it to remind me  of all the freaking amazing things I have in my life.

My grateful list (just the start otherwise this post would be ridiculously long) :
  • My gorgeous daughter and wife. Self-explanatory really. 
  • My amazing family who give me nothing but support with everything and love me unconditionally.
  • My friends. New and old, some I see everyday and some not as much - but ALL OF THEM have a place in my heart.  All bring beautiful things into my life, keep me focused, call me out when I need it and most importantly make me laugh. So needed. 
  • My health. Sure there are things that I can improve on my body, but I am healthy. I have air in my lungs, sun on my face and I can walk wherever I choose.  
  • My house. I have a roof over my head, hot water to bathe in and heating/cooling when I need it.
  • Food in my belly - and lots of the good stuff!!
Oh how I could go on! Once you start they all seem to flow. It's nice to have a list like this when you feel down about something that hasn't gone your way or ended up how you thought it would, just to remind yourself that you have a SHITLOAD going for you! Everyone is human, and we tend to focus on the negatives, but let's agree to make a pact to focus on the positives. Are you with me?

What are you grateful for? Tell me! I would love to hear babe.

Keep smiling!



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