Where the Bloody Hell am I?

I'm here gorgeous. I've just been chilling out for a bit.

I suppose you could say that I got 'burnt out'.

I needed some time out. Just living - taking in everything around me. Being grateful for my amazing wife, and gorgeous bub. And everything else my life has to offer. Away from this blog.  And boy do I feel great for it. Best thing I really could have done.

It's more than ok to take some time out just for you. In fact, I recommend it! Be kind to yourself when you do though cherub. It's absolutely fine, and we all need to do it sometimes. So embrace it!

So I am back with drive, purpose and the fire in my belly again. I've got my goals for this blog and I want you to come along for the ride. Will you?

Its time to do some needed housekeeping around here too - tidy the place up a bit.
You will notice that things might change, not too much though love don't stress! I will still be me, posting on here but there might be a few little subtle changes going on. They might just be so subtle that you won't even notice.

I will also be taking suggestions on posts too - so if you want me to write about something please comment on here, my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram - connect with me gorgeous!

I love hearing from you and look forward to what 2014 has in store.


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